Grand Prix Results – NERC 10 Miler

NERC 10 Miler

With 4 Grand Prix Series races completed, we have 11 runners who have done all 4. There are 27 runners who have done at least 2 (and would still qualify to be a Series Finisher) 85 runners have done at least 1 race.

Each Team has between 5 and 6 runners. TR’s “Challenger” Team is in first with 140 points. Rick Marciano holds a 1 point lead in the Overall Standings New England Running Company 10 Miler.

MOTM Draws Record Number of Runners!


With low humidity and great music from Mix 104.1 energizing runners from all over the North Shore and beyond, the Wicked Running Club hosted a very successful Miles Over the Moon.

Many thanks to all 501 runners who finished the race last night. This is a new record for Miles Over the Moon which was the 4th race in the New England Running Company 2014 Road Race Series.

Another big thanks to the volunteers and MOTM Race Committee for making this a great race!

Below you will find the link to the results and a video of the start of MOTM that was shot by North Shore Road Race Guide.


Great job to everyone who ran in the New England Running Company 10 Mile Race! This race was not only part of the Wicked Running Club Grand Prix Series, but also the 3rd race in the New England Running Company 2014 Road Race Series.

If you don’t see your name and you know that you ran, please send an email to Don Gallucci and he will make the correction before we update the WRC Grand Prix results.


3 David Long 58:14 5:49/M
7 Erich Oneil 1:00:46 6:05/M
9 Bradley Gates 1:02:52 6:17/M
18 Christian Nolin 1:06:39 6:40/M
23 Patrick Smith 1:09:52 6:59/M
52 Dawn Cobak 1:17:01 7:42/M
60 Rick Marciano 1:18:04 7:48/M
67 Don Gallucci 1:18:54 7:53/M
71 Tom Lubas 1:19:28 7:57/M
84 Beth O’grady 1:20:29 8:03/M
86 Lewis Rice 1:20:50 8:05/M
101 Deb Touchette 1:22:43 8:16/M
102 Stephen Touchette 1:22:43 8:16/M
114 Kimberley Sweeney 1:24:17 8:26/M
122 Alison Phelan 1:24:31 8:27/M
127 Yvette Tetreault 1:24:45 8:29/M
133 Tung Zhang 1:25:44 8:34/M
144 Denise Murphy 1:27:04 8:42/M
148 Liz Driscoll 1:27:20 8:44/M
149 Paul Goodwin 1:27:24 8:44/M
166 Michael Cronin 1:29:32 8:57/M
170 Debbie Shahidi 1:30:11 9:01/M
179 Angel Green 1:30:59 9:06/M
180 Kevin Power 1:31:11 9:07/M
188 John Forrant 1:32:21 9:14/M
202 Christin Shafer 1:33:52 9:23/M
220 Vince Sheahan 1:36:31 9:39/M
225 George Fox 1:37:03 9:42/M
230 Rick Gagnon 1:37:32 9:45/M
242 Lisa Dibella 1:38:59 9:54/M
243 Krissy Kozlosky 1:39:01 9:54/M
250 Eileen Spear 1:39:49 9:59/M
253 Susan Roses 1:40:00 10:00/M
256 Jessica Capano 1:40:19 10:02/M
260 Tracy Mclaughin 1:40:34 10:03/M
269 Lynn Mccarthy 1:41:01 10:06/M
272 Laura Knight 1:41:26 10:09/M
284 Joseph Armstrong 1:42:20 10:14/M
293 Donna Greenberg 1:43:13 10:19/M
295 Michael Harvey 1:43:20 10:20/M
302 Debbie Everett 1:43:51 10:23/M
322 Susan Hennessey 1:46:25 10:39/M
327 Kate Fox 1:47:10 10:43/M
329 Ann Sousa 1:47:25 10:45/M
336 Ken Hewson 1:48:35 10:52/M
338 Alana Bresnahan 1:48:37 10:52/M
350 Alice Ryan 1:50:49 11:05/M
360 Beth Griffin 1:55:27 11:33/M
372 Tin Bartholomew 1:58:10 11:49/M
373 Kellyann Pheulpin 1:58:23 11:50/M
374 Marilee Lafond 1:58:45 11:53/M
404 Sandy Armstrong 2:18:44 13:52/M

Wicked Invades Lake Q 5K


It’s time for our annual meet up with our good buddies, the Mystic Running Club, to Run the Q in Wakefield! Join in on the fun on Wednesday, June 25 at 6:45pm

This annual tradition is a blast. We run a 5K around the lake, enjoy a few snacks with the Mystics, and then interested parties can continue the fun at the Lord Wakefield hotel bar with some karaoke and hydration.

Wear some Wicked gear, plan your commute, and we’ll see you in Wakefield!

Cost is $2.00 for the timed 5K.

Twin Lobster Half Marathon – Grand Prix Results

wicked @ Lobster Half

With 3 WRC Grand Prix races now in the bag here is the the updated results from the Twin Lobster Half Marathon!


Total number of Wickeds who have run at least one Grand Prix Series race – 41

Number of Wickeds who have run all 3 Grand Prix Series races to date – 11

Overall Leader – TR Ramsdell – 94 points (for now!)

Leading Team – Challenger – 90 points